Heritage Railway Association

Heritage Committee

The HRA’s Heritage Committee Is responsible for encouraging and supporting improvements in the standards of heritage management by member organisations.

This means encouraging and advising members on the heritage aspects of their activities including, but not solely, establishing and maintaining rational collecting and interpretation policies. It also advises members on fundraising channels and in particular diverse funding sources that can support  heritage projects at member railways.

It also represents members’ interests to Government [including UK, devolved administrations and the Irish Republic] and to other bodies relevant to the Committee’s area of responsibility, and to maintain liaison with other appropriate kindred umbrella bodies and organisations, both national and international.

The committee members are involved in a range of organisations:- 

1.        The Heritage Alliance, which has access to Government departments and represents the whole heritage sector in the UK, is where HRA is putting members interests forward at the highest level possible.

2.        Heritage Lottery Fund, a major source of funding for many members, has an Industrial, Maritime and Transport Working Group where HRA ensures members interests are covered.

3.        Transport Trust, Association of Independent Museums, Heritage Volunteering Group, Association of British Transport and Engineering Museums, et al, where members interests are maintained and co-operation on guidance and access to grant schemes promoted.

The committee provides appropriate professional advice to members on heritage issues.

We have a  remit to organise seminars and other appropriate events (and to utilise other media) to share information and expertise which may help members undertake the heritage aspects of their activities.

The HRA Archivist has a seat on the committee, charged with looking after the historic records and legal documentation of the association.

Finally to develop and support projects to record nationally significant railway heritage assets. These focus on the Heritage Railway Registers where details of carriages, wagons, EMU’s, turntables, etc., are recorded and updated.

For information about or assistance with any of these topics please in the first instance contact the secretary to the committee on secretary.heritage@hra.uk.com

BDC Presentations from HRA Spring Seminar March 2019 and Management Forum (more presentations from these days can be found HERE)