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Purchase an InterRail Card (Friends Only)

Purchase an InterRail Card (Friends Only)


Friends can purchase an InterRail Card here. This is our HRA Railcard for participating HRA Heritage Railways, Tramways and some of our other Members, who are open to the public in the UK and Ireland.

Most of our operating Members are part of this scheme, and cardholders can obtain free or reduced rate travel at participating organisations.

The card is valid one year and the scheme year runs from 1st March in each year to the end of February the following year.

You can purchase an HRA Interrail Card, only if you have joined as a "Friend of the HRA" but you can can join online and purchase an Interrail Card all in the same transaction if you wish.  You do not need a membership number to organise a card, as your details will be checked by John Larke, before any card is sent out.

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